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The Book Is Now Available!

Return of the Ancient Ones 
Written by the Empress Verdiacee "Tiara" Washitaw Turner Goston El-Bey

The powerful book 450 pages written by our Empress, "Return of the Ancient Ones" by Empress Verdiacee "Tiari" Washitaw-Turner Goston El Bey ... Washitaw Publishing, is now available ! This book reveals some of the most shocking dialogue you will ever read about the Nation of people whose land was stolen from them by the most calculating and cut-throat people in this Universe! Check out an excerpt from the pages of this book about the history of the Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah:

      "We must learn to read on the line, then between the line to get into the my (mystery) story of the Black Ancient People. With this in mind, I laid my notes on the desk to finalize my proof that this was still our land.
       I had picked up a copy of the official book of Louisiana Land that I had gotten from the Louisiana Land Office, written by the Historical Society of the state. What I read in this book was criminal theft of property by a national government in one of its illegal sub-divisions. Theft from Ancient Black People. That this national government had signed to protect in the said LOUISIANA PURCHASE Sale Agreement. I really want to tell you and others like you. Read it for yourselves. Here it is. I hope you will now understand why I had to pull the Black Cover off the white lies. For the next 17 pages it is word for word what they gave me to be the truth. I have pulled the Black Covers off for you to see the truth."                                                                          --- from page 203 of Return of the Ancient Ones

(You'll be surprised at what you read!!! The book in Paper Back is now available. You may request a copy by sending a donation of $35.00 plus $10.00 for shipping and handing in cashiers check or money order C/o Fredrix Joe Washington 106 N. Western Avenue. #306 San Pedro California 90732 or by using Pay Pal donation button at the bottom of this page Thank you.)